Modern Supplies

The company has been established by a group of professionals having vivid experience and wide exposure in trading practices.
People involved here are young spirits qualified business graduates from the renowned universities across the globe, our team is fully ready to provide our valued clients with the latest trading solutions and the most innovative, affordable, and cutting- edge products that aim at facilitating the business of our partners.

FogClean Light


Backpack System Designed For Optimal Portability And Flexibility

BAC Botanical Antimicrobial


BAC  is proven to be a 99.999% effective residual action cleaner.

Intelligent Automated Gate


It is used to disinfect the body, goods, other objects that are sensitive to spraying water

RTP Reinforced Thermal Plastic


Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe is one kind of high-pressure plastic compound tube

Electric Cars


We offer you the best electric cars with the convenience and after-sales service

Modern Supplies General Trading has a wide variety of products.


Main Strength of Modern Supplies lies in the blend of professionals, specialized and highly focused operation. Increasing customer’s awareness towards innovative and unique products is the strength where it excels over its competitors. In addition, our strength stems from our ability to blend current streamlined trading practices and the desire to exceed our customer’s aspiration into cost-eective, cutting edge products and Services.

Modern Supplies understands the need for these unique products and solutions and, therefore, is generously willing to invest in campaigns to increase the segment of customers interested in future technologies and services



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