New Good Fortune.

Nowadays, ceramic tiles are widely used to decorate various types of houses all over the world. The floor and wall of houses are usually laid with ceramic tiles.

Why Keep The Gap ?!

Even with high density, the ceramic tiles will still expand with heat and contract with cold. Over a long period of time, it may cause a large area of hollows and bumps if there is no gap between the tiles.

Why Fill Up The Gap ?!

Ash, dirt and moisture will penetrate into the cement layer easily then stain will collect and bacteria will grow if the gaps are not filled.

In early housing decoration, ceramic tile gaps were generally filled with traditional grout such as lime mud and mortar. They are cheap and easy to get. However the shortcomings are also obvious. Compared with the traditional grout, ceramic tile sealer has many advantages. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly and good for health.

Ceramic Tile Sealer is a multipurpose product for the filling of gaps between tiles and other surfaces, it is a premium double-component product.